Stay Away From Boredom With Saws

Are you bored? Then enter the world of woodworking!

When looking for saws, it’s only reasonable to go to But if you’re a beginner and you have no idea what saw you should get, then you should read this article first before going to Sawing Pros.

Let’s start with the most common saws you need to be aware of.

Miter Saw


This machine is best for making different crosscuts at various angles. Thanks to its blade that is secured inside rollers, this saw can make precise cuts. For your information, rollers are the ones in charge of moving the blade down once the handle has been lowered. Miter saws come with a plastic cover to lessen the possibility of injuring the user and hinder debris from rocketing upward. Miter saws are also referred to as a chop saw.


This versatile tool is loved by DIY lovers because it’s for the making of custom and intricate cuts. The jigsaw comes with a flexible and narrow blade which enables the jigsaw users to make precise cuts and turns. Jigsaws can cut through plastic, metal, and wood. They’re perfect for cutting uneven shapes and patterns and can be used by children as long as with supervision.


The hacksaw is also a versatile saw which can be used to cut through wood, plastic, and metal. It has a thin, fine-toothed blade that has numerous serrations and is fixed to a frame, making it ideal for gripping too.

Cutting-Edge Saw


This saw is a handheld tool that creates horizontal slices through rebar, pipes, and conduit. This device has a left-side grip, making it unchallenging to stabilize.

Circular Saw

The circular saw is also handheld, and it uses different types of blades. It’s ideal to use when cutting through stone and metal, which is why it’s one of the most functional tools for a carpentry contractor.

Band Saw

This machine is made to cut through bone, meat, wood, and other similar materials. It has a long steel band that comes with a serrated edge, and the band is linked to rotating wheels, allowing the saw to move up and down quickly. Learn more about this saw in the video below.